Glass and Glazing in Fort Myers

How to Glaze a Window

  1. Remove the old window glaze putty with a heat gun
  2. Replace the glass and putty the window
  3. Set the glass in place
  4. Spread the compound to cover the perimeter of the glass
  5. Smooth the compound until it creates a smooth surface
  6. Clean the excess from the ridge
  7. Mitered moldings

Materials and tools

  • Heat gun
  • Putty knife
  • Acrylic caulk
  • Glazing points
  • Glazing putty (oil or latex)
  • Window glass (if necessary)
  • Utility knife

Glass and Glazing Suppliers in Fort Myers

McGregor Glass and Mirror, Inc
Caloosahatchee Glass & Mirror
L&W Supply

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Glass and Glazing Contractors in Fort Myers

Gatewood Glass
A-Rite Glass
D3 Glass

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