Florida State General Contractor License Exam Book Set with Tabs - Trade

All 19 books of the Florida General Contractor Exam book set are in stock. All books are up-to-date and are used on this open-book exam. Books will ship today with UPS tracking. Tabs are included for each books.
GC Exam Book Set with TabsGeneral Contractor Bookset with Tabs

Florida General Contractor License Exam Book Set with Tabs

Below is the list of books included in this set:

  • A201 General Conditions of the Contract for Construction, 2017.
  • A401 Standard Form of Agreement between Contractor-Subcontractor, 2017
  • A701 Instructions to Bidders, 2018.
  • Builder's Guide to Accounting, 2001
  • Building Estimator’s Reference Book, 31st Edition, 2017
  • Code of Federal Regulations, (OSHA) 29 Part 1926, July 1, 2018.
  • Contractors Manual, 2017
  • Design and Control of Concrete Mixtures, 16th Edition, 2016
  • Placing Reinforcing Bars, 9th Edition, 2011
  • Principles and Practices of Commercial Construction, 9th Edition, 2013 or 10th Edition, 2019
  • Application and Finishing of Gypsum Panel Products, GA-216, 2018 Edition.
  • Energy Efficient Building Construction in Florida, 2017.
  • Building Component Safety Information: BCSI-ED2-D “Guide to Good Practices for Handling, Installing and Bracing of Metal Connected Wood Trusses”, 2018.
  • Florida Building Code - Building, 2017
  • Florida Building Code - Accessibility, 2017
  • Florida Building Code - Residential, 2017.
  • Florida Building Code - Existing Building, 2017.
  • Florida Building Code - Energy Conservation, 2017.
  • Florida Statutes Chapter 455
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Friday, 19 April 2019
Best customer service around, not only is the staff friendly but my books and tabs came in on time and in perfect condition. I highly recommend this package to anyone taking the General Contractor Exam. The tabs are extremely helpful and they have made the studying process very smooth.
Thursday, 18 April 2019
I purchased this book set and was very happy with the books and tabs. All of my books were the correct editions and i was able to take the exam with them and with the tabs. I am glad i was able to get all my material in one place!
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