Exam Codes for Pearson Vue© Tests in Florida

In the table below you will find the exam codes for all Florida Contractor Exams. When you sign up for your Pearson© exam, you will be asked for this code, make sure to provide the correct one.

Exam CodeExam NameLicense Information
36-FL-A1 Alarm Systems l Alarm Systems l
36-FL-A2 Alarm Systems ll Alarm Systems ll
36-FL-AB FL Construction Air B-Trade Knowledge Class B Air Conditioning
36-FL-AC Air A Trade Knowledge Class A Air Conditioning
36-FL-BC Building Contract Administration Building
36-FL-BM Building Project Management Building
36-FL-CA General Contract Administration General
36-FL-CM General Project Management General
36-FL-CK FL Construction - Gypsum-Trade Knowledge Gypsum Drywall
36-FL-CN FL Construction - Business and Finance Business Exam
36-FL-CP FL Construction - Commercial Pool Pool and Spa Commercial
36-FL-CR FL Construction - Roofing-Trade Knowledge Roofing
36-FL-CS FL Construction - Specialty Structure-Trade Knowledge Specialty Structure
36-FL-CT FL Construction - Pollutant Storage-Trade Knowledge Pollutant Storage
36-FL-CV FL Construction - Solar Solar
36-FL-GG FL CON - Glass and Glazing Glass and Glazing
36-FL-GS FL Construction - Gas Line-Trade Knowledge Gas Line
36-FL-IS FL Construction - Irrigation Irrigation
36-FL-LM Lighting Maintenance Lighting Maintenance
36-FL-LV Limited Energy Limited Energy (Low Voltage)
36-FL-MA FL CON - Marine Marine
36-FL-OS Sign Specialty Sign (Electrical)
36-FL-PS FL Construction - Service Pool Pool and Spa Service
36-FL-RA Residential Contract Administration Residential
36-FL-RC Two-Way Radio Communications Enhancement Systems Specialty Two Way Radio Communications System
36-FL-RM Residential Project Management Residential
36-FL-RP FL Construction - Residential Pool Pool and Spa Residential
36-FL-RS Residential Residential (Electrical)
36-FL-SC FL Construction - Sheet Metal-Trade Knowledge Sheet Metal
36-FL-SP Service Pool Business and Finance Business Exam
36-FL-UC FL Construction - Underground Utility-Trade Knowledge Underground Utilities
36-FL-UL Utility Line Utility Line (Electrical)
36-FL-UN Unlimited Unlimited (Electrical)
36-FL-W FL Electrical Business Electrical Business Exam
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