Finish Carpentry in Fort Myers

How to do Window and Door Trimming

  1. Mark the Length
  2. Get the Spacing Correctly
  3. Check the fit, then cut to the length to match
  4. Glue and pin to assure a solid Miter
  5. Trim the other side
  6. Fit the bottom Miter
  7. Now fit the Oppoite Miter
  8. Check the Length and make sure it matches
  9. Repeat step number 4

Install Crown Molding

  1. Determine which type of crown molding to use
  2. Cut the Corners of molding
  3. Measure and Mark the wall
  4. Cut the first measured piece
  5. Cut the next piece to fit an inside corner
  6. Understand how the pieces fit together
  7. Cut the molding at a 45 degree angle
  8. Cope the joint
  9. Check the fit and make sure everything looks good to your desire.
  10. Attach the molding to the wall
  11. Make miter cuts for the outside corners
  12. You can add optional corner blocks

Install Baseboards

  1. Learn your safety tips for installing baseboard
  2. Remove Old Baseboards
  3. Make sure you have all your tools and Supplies to install baseboards
  4. Prepare to install baseboards
  5. Make sure the baseboards are level
  6. Scribing
  7. Make sure cuts are made to the outside corners
  8. Coping an inside corner joint
  9. Scarf and Butt joints are added
  10. Fix any final issues
  11. Finish with any color coat you desire if not already painted.

What do you need?

    • Air Compressor
    • Air hose
    • Brad nail Gun
    • Caulk gun
    • Hammer
    • Miter Saw
    • Safety Glasses
    • Utility knife
    • Extra Pencils
    • Trim
    • Wood Glue
    • Wood Shims
    • Crown Molding
    • Nails
    • Ladder
    • Wood Fillers
    • Baseboard
    • Sandpaper

Finish Carpentry Suppliers in Fort Myers

Lowe’s Home Improvement
Tropical Hardware do it best
Vision Ave Hardware

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Finish Carpenters in Fort Myers

Ken Bunting Carpentry Inc
The Handyman Company
Haworth and Sons Carpentry & HVAC LLC

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