How to Apply For Your Contractor's License

To obtain your contractor's license, you must pass the examinations, meet specific experience and financial requirements, and complete the application for the state to review.

Generic Application Requirements

The following are General Requirements for applying for your Contractor's License. License Requirements may differ from State to State. If you have any questions about the Licensing Process in any State, please contact us at 866-986-7978

  • Take the Certified Exam and Obtain the Passing Scores
  • Meet the experience/ Education Requirements
  • Satisfy Financial/Credit Report Requirements
  • Fingerprints
  • Insurance (Workers Comp must be obtained 30 days of issued license)
  • Must be AT LEAST 18 years of age
  • Filling out the Application
  • Proof of satisfaction of liens, judgements, and discharge of bankruptcy
  • For veterans: Military Service Form, and Military satisfaction of experience

Licensing Information by State

For More Information on the Licensing Process for each state, click the link for your State.

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