Process for Permitting & Installation of Electrical Signs in Fort Myers

Electrical Sign Permit Application Requirements

  • To obtain a sign permit in Fort Myers, the applicant must complete the application
  • Certificate: A copy of the Certificate of Occupancy will be issued from a building permit.
  • Plan Sets:
    • Road frontage of property in linear feet
    • Ground sign location
    • Setbacks from road Right-of-Way
    • Side setbacks
    • Building location

Different Types of Electrical Signs

  • Indoor signs
    Indoor signs can be displayed either in your storefront window or on a wall within your business.
  • Outdoor signs
    Typically this is the ideal way you may draw attention to your business and tell the world who you are. You can display your business name, logo and/or an image to represent your business.
  • Plastic Lighted Signs
    This type of signage can be used indoors and outdoors, depending on your business goals
  • Digital Electronic Signs
    Digital electronic signs can be used both indoors and outdoors. These signs are programmable through computer software and can be updated whenever you like.

Consultation, Sign Design and Installation

  • Consultation
    Communication goals, branding considerations, intended application and likes and dislikes as well as your budget and timing parameters.
  • Design
    A signage company combines your input with their graphic design talents to develop several concepts.
  • Mockups
    Help you visualize but how it will look once mounted.
  • Permitting
    Submit a plan to ensure it meets regulations regarding size, location, lighting and the presence of other signs on the property.
  • Installation
    Hire a licensed, insured sign installation company to install the sign.

Fee's In Fort Myers:

Plan Review $25
Sign Permit $75 minimum / $0.50 psf
Electric Permit (if required) $75

Looking for a reliable company to install your sign business sign?

If so, these companies will help you out with the entire process. The Sign and Design Depot is based out of North Fort Myers. They have been in business for 10+ years with 100% satisfaction guarantee. Signarama is another company that provides signage services. They have many services to provide to their customers. From indoor to outdoor signages, to even vehicle wraps and much more. Both companies have many happy customers satisfies with their work.