A Journeyman Plumber is qualified to install, repair, maintain, or extend any plumbing system, including waste drains, vents, water supply and fixtures and also install, maintain or repair gas piping, appliances, lines, laterals, tanks and other appurtenances in connection therewith under the supervision of an Unlimited Master Plumbing Contractor. As regulated under Florida Statute, a person who has passed a competency examination as a Journeyman Plumber may perform these or related tasks or may supervise persons in his employ in the execution of these tasks.  



Journeyman Plumber Exam





Testing Company:   GITS (Gainesville Independent Testing Service)  
Hours Allotted:   3h  
Types of Questions:   Multiple Choice.  
Number of questions:   75  
Subjects Involved:  



-General Regulations





-Hangers and Supports

-Indirect Waste

-Water Supply

-Water Heater



-Storm Drains

-Trade Knowledge

-Developed Length

-Isometric Analysis





Books Set


Journeyman Plumber Books