What License Do I Need to Do Demolition Work in Florida?

There are four different licenses that allow you to do demolition work in Florida:

If your business is involved exclusively with demolitions, then the demolition license is the perfect fit for your business. If you build and also demolish, then It is important to remember that you can demolish the same type of structure you're allowed to build. Residential contractors can demolish houses and duplexes, building contractors can demolish anything under three stories, and general contractors are unlimited as to the type of demolition they can perform.

Source: DBPR


# Mike Z. 2021-10-13 13:23
Why would anyone get a demolition license if you can get a GC license and make more money?
# Idalia S. 2021-10-13 13:54
Hello Mike, you are correct, the General Contractor’s license scope will give you more leverage and therefore be more valuable to you as you engage in the contracting business. But keep in mind that once you submit your application to the Florida DBPR, if you choose to get the GC license you will be expected to provide proof of experience in the construction of buildings taller than 3-stories.

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