Do I need a License to be a Handyman in Arizona?

Contractors who perform work worth over $1,000 must have an Arizona Contractors License. Work that is worth less than $1,000 and is of a casual or minor nature does not carry handyman license requirements. This is commonly known as the handyman exemption.

How Much Does It Cost to Get a Handyman License in Arizona?

Fees depend on the type of contractor license you get.

      • General Commercial License fees are $580
      • Specialty Commercial License fees are $480.
      • General Residential License fees are $320
      • Specialty Residential License fees are $270.
      • General dual License fees are $200
      • Specialty dual License fees are $100.
      • The Initial Application fee ranges from $80 for a Specialty Residential License
      • $200 for a General Commercial License.

How to Get a Handyman License in Arizona

      To obtain a contractor's license through the Arizona Registrar of Contractors, you'll have to pass a background check, pass an examination, form a legal entity, obtain and submit proof of a license bond, and pay any requisite fees. You'll also need years of field experience.You’ll need a minimum four years of experience for a contractor's license. Exceptions include seal coating, swimming pool service, acoustical systems, drywall, fencing, insulation, sheet metal, welding, and plastering. They have requirements of either one, two, or three years of experience. You can get this experience by working as an assistant for a licensed contractor.

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