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Books & Classes for your Contractor's License

Do I have to take Contractor Classes?

An individual who is looking to obtain a contractor license is not required to take any classes. We recommend them due to both the complexity of the test and the volume of content involved. Unlike a real estate license, you are not required to show a given number of class hours before you have taken the exam. If the individual passes the exam, you do not have to prove to the State how you did. Classes to help you prepare are very popular, though most individuals find it necessary. The number of books you are required to obtain, depending on the license, could be overwhelming. Also, the complexity of the questions would be another reason why a lot of Individuals look for exam prep classes.

Exam Prep Classes

At Contractor Campus we offer Courses online to help you prepare yourself to pass the exams for trade and business. Our courses are designed for you to work at your own pace; you also have unlimited access to the study material. The study material consists of Lecture videos, Layout studies, and Practice exams. You can start studying your online courses on the same day you register. We also have refresher classes which are refresher classes given to our students.

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# Jorge palma 2021-08-31 18:49
Me interesa obtener las clases. Y libros para obtener la licencia de roofing
# Leah R. 2021-09-10 10:42
Para obtener la Licencia de Contratista de Roofing, tiene que pasar el examen Técnico y de Negocios. Nosotros tenemos las clases y los libros para prepararlo para estos exámenes. Con nuestros Cursos puede empezar a estudiar en línea el mismo día que se registre; puede estudiar a su propio paso y va a tener acceso ilimitado a sus materiales de estudio.

Las clases en línea incluyen vídeos de lectura, exámenes prácticos, cómo encontrar respuestas en los libros y soluciones con todos los pasos para los problemas de matemáticas. Con la compra de los cursos usted también tendrá acceso a clases de repaso en línea.

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