Monday, December 4, 2023

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Books & Classes for your Contractor's License

Are the Contractor Booksets available as PDF's?

Depending on the contractor's license, it would determine the required book set for the Trade and Business Exams. Some licenses do have books that are PDF's. This would mean the individual would have to print out the material. When using this type of reference for testing, the document must be bound. Acceptable binding options could ring binders, brads, plastic snap binders, or a clear transparent plastic report cover with a slide-on binder bar.

Contractor Books

We carry all the reference books used for any type contractor test anywhere in the United States. All books are shipped from Fort Myers, Florida. We ship books daily via UPS. Regardless of the testing service you are using, we have the right books for you. We carry books for all contractor tests, including Prov©, Prometric©, GITS©, PTI©, and Pearson Vue©.

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