Contractor Exam and Testing Providers

What is a Testing Company?

The Testing Center will provide the Individual obtaining a contractor license to take an approved examination by either the State or County. Each of the Testing Centers will ask the individual to get references for their open-book examinations. The State of Florida Licenses will have a set Testing Center, but the Counties will have options to choose from.

Participants in a Licensing Process will include Jurisdiction, which is Cities, Counties, Municipalities, or State. Each has boards with execute the licensing and set rules for testing provided by the testing company.

The Better know Testing Companies

  • GITS©
  • Prov©
  • Prometric©
  • PSI©
  • NASCLA© (NASCLA Accredited Examination Program was designed to reduce redundant licensing requirements and assist contractors who need to be licensed in multiple jurisdictions)

Testing Companies accepted at State Level

Testing Companies accepted at County Level

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