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How to Apply for your Exam

  • To obtain a Plumbing license you must first submit an application online here
  • Examinations are administered in English only through a private testing agency. Once your application has been approved by this office, a letter of acceptance and information on how to contact PSI© to obtain a candidate handbook will be provided. The handbook will provide information on who to contact, how to schedule for the written examination, the testing locations, the required fee, and other important information.
  • You can find electrical applications and forms here
  • You can find a plumbing application checklist here


Colorado Plumbing has no existing Reciprocation.

Contact Information

Colorado Plumbing Board

Division of Professions and Occupations
Address: 1560 Broadway, Suite 1350, Denver, CO 80202
Phone Number: 303-894-7800
Fax Number: 303-894-7693
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

PSI© testing

PSI© licensure: certification
3210 E Tropicana
Las Vegas, NV 89121

(800) 733-9267
Fax (702) 932-2666

More information can be found in the Frequently Asked Questions