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City of Weston Permits

In the City of Weston a building permit requires certain documents for approval.

Permit Submittal Requirements

For more information on the permit or to view the Permit application please visit the PERMIT SUBMITTAL REQUIREMENTS

  • Permit applications signed & notarized for each discipline of work (i.e. building, electrical, plumbing, and mechanical). (Please note that a copy of an original signature is NOT acceptable)
  • Verify that the Job Value includes the cost of work for all sub-permit amounts. A copy of the contract describing the job is required. (Contract to include all labor and materials)
  • Contractors must be registered with the City of Weston with current Insurance Certificates (liability and workers compensation) and Licensing documentation (Contractor, Certificate of Competency, Occupational License.)
  • Copy of recorded Notice of Commencement, required for projects valued at $2,500 or higher. For A/C permits, the limit is raised to $7,500. (This must be submitted prior to the permit being issued.)
  • Two (2) sets of plans signed & sealed by a professional engineer/architect, if applicable.
  • Two (2) Original Surveys (with imbossed seal) for all NEW residential and commercial construction
  • Two (2) copies of a current survey showing location of proposed construction / improvements. (Fences, driveways, pools, decks etc.)
  • Lot Calculation Sheet that identifies ALL impervious areas (existing and proposed). (Pools, Decks,Driveways, Pavers, slabs, sheds and screen rooms.)
  • A copy of the Broward County Development and Environmental Review approval certificate showing DER Review #, when applicable. This is required for all new building construction, additions or alterations to non- residential buildings, as well as demolitions, new or replacement emergency generators, commercial or multifamily pools and below ground storage tanks, temporary buildings and construction trailers. For a complete list and e-permit instructions, please visit
  • Product approvals for sheds, doors, all glass, roofs, and all types of shutters.
  • Energy calculations including heating and cooling load calculations.
  • Wind load calculations (signed & sealed) are needed for shutters, windows, doors, skylights, & garage doors.
  • Signed & sealed pressure calculations are required for doors and windows.
  • City of Weston Permit Acknowledgement Affidavit - required for residential projects, and must be signed and notarized by property owner. (Please note that a copy of an original signature is NOT acceptable)
  • Permit Fees are due and collected when the permit application package is submitted. Payment in the form of Company or Personal checks, MasterCard, Visa or American Express are accepted. Cash will NOT be accepted.

You may submit, and check the status of your permits by using the ePermit Portal