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City of Tavares Permits

To view license requirements, definition, exams, books, and classes, please visit Lake County.


For more information regarding Fees please visit Permitting and Impact Fees.

Building Permit Application

  • You are able to Apply for the following trades:
  • Mechanical
  • Electrical
  • Plumbing
  • Roofing
  • Gas

Fence Permit

  • Two copies of a survey sealed by an architect, engineer, or surveyor, drawn to scale, showing the size of the lot, setback, easements, and the location, height, and type of fence
  • Proof of ownership
  • Owner/Builder Affidavit, if applicable
  • Certified copy of the Notice of Commencement (before the 1st inspection) if the value of work equals or exceeds $2500.00
  • A completed permit application with the Construction Waste Disposal Statement (signed and notarized)
  • A site-specific Power of Attorney if you are not the licensed contractor or owner of the property.

Tree Removal Permit

  • Property boundaries and dimensions
  • Existing structures
  • The location of all trees indicating type and size in DBH (diameter at breast height) of all trees 6” DBH or greater
  • Clearly label trees to be removed and trees to remain

Residential (Single Family) Permit

  • Construction Waste Disposal Statement (signed and notarized)
  • A completed driveway application
  • A site-specific Power of Attorney, if applicable
  • Owner/Builder Affidavit, if applicable
  • Proof of ownership

Residential Addition/Alteration Permit

  • Three sets of signed and sealed building plans,drawn to scale, including complete construction details
  • Three copies of the state of florida product approval for all windows, sliding, exterior doors, garge doors, and roofing materials
  • Three copies of the state of florida approval form
  • Three copies of manufacturer installation specifications and wind load calculations for all windows, siding, exterior doors, garage doors, and roofing materials
  • Three copies of a sealed survey, drawn to scale,showing the size of the lot, setbacks, easements, and all the existing structures in all direction
  • Three sets of the Florida energy code compliance form
  • Three sets of signed and dealt truss engineering detail layout
  • A completed permit application with the construction waste disposal statement
  • Proof of ownership
  • Owner/Builder affidavit
  • Certified copy of the Notice of Commencement
  • A completed Driveway application

Commercial Permit

  • Approved site plan by Planning & Zoning
  • Foundation plan indicating footer sizes for all bearing walls. Provide a side detail reflecting the placement and size of reinforcing steel. Detail shall also reflect slab thickness and reinforcement if used
  • Floor plan indicating room or space identification, room dimensions. Door and window dimension and types, tenant separation and fire resistant walls, complete UL design load
  • An elevation of all exterior walls - east, west, north, and south, including finish floor elevations
  • Gas piping plans and details
  • Truss layout, design, engineering (5 sets)
  • Electrical drawings signed and sealed by an engineer if over 600 AMPS
  • Mechanical drawings signed and sealed when 15 tons or more and/or $5000.00
  • Plumbing drawings signed and sealed and shall comply with Florida Handicap Accessibility Code
  • All design information
  • Square footage, type of construction, occupancy classification (group), occupant load, sprinklers, standpipes and alarm systems, fire protection requirements and NFPA requirements, and Life Safety Code IO I requirements, and egress requirements

Demolition Permit Requirements

  • A site plan is required showing all structures on the property. Highlight or otherwise indicate the structure(s) to be removed
  • A floor plan, or sketch, of the structure(s) is required showing the room designations and plumbing fixtures
  • Prior to starting demolition an on-site inspection, by the building inspector, is required after all utilities have been disconnected, and properly capped
  • An asbestos survey must be completed by a licensed asbestos consultant and notification given to DEP, for all non-residential demolitions, per federal regulation 40 CFR 61
  • Hazardous materials (including asbestos) must be removed and disposed of properly. DEP notification required of excessive amounts if asbestos are removed
  • Demolition materials must be removed from the site and disposed of at a landfill and/or recycling facility
  • The Contractor is responsible to control dust and debris at all times during demolition
  • The standards set forth in Appendix D of the Standard Building Code shall apply to the demolition of buildings or structures
  • A Certificate of Demolition shall be issued upon final inspection of a demolition permit. This certificate must be presented with a replacement structure(s) building permit application to receive impact fee credit(s)