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City of Tampa

City Permits

To view license requirements, definition, exams, books, and classes, please visit the Hillsborough County License page.

In the City of Tampa, the follwing trades require permits:


  • Partitions
  • Doors
  • Modular Furniture
  • Ceilings


  • Ductwork relocation/replacement
  • Diffusers relocation/replacement


  • Sink replacement
  • Toilet replacement
  • Urinal replacement
  • Electric water heater (
  • Drinking fountain replacement or relocation (width of exit access passageways, proper approaches, and clear floor space must be maintained)
  • Vent, waste, and water piping extensions; new connections are prohibited. Damaged pipe replacement


  • Branch circuits relocation/replacement
  • Lighting fixtures relocation/replacement/removal
  • Receptacle outlets relocation/replacement/removal

Fire Suppression

  • Sprinkler heads replacement (in exact location)

Permitting Requirements

  • Complete a Commercial Trade permit application for the annual facility.
  • Provide evidence, at the time of application, of current contractor licensing as an owner/developer if licensure is required by State Contractor Licensing Regulations.
  • If utilizing journeyman licenses and/or contractor licenses for an individual/individuals not currently registered as an LP in the City of Tampa, provide copies of all licensure required for registering as an LP.
  • Prior to the issuance of the annual permit, the submission of an Asbestos Certification is required if the building was constructed prior to 1985. The certification must include the following:
    • Attestation that the altered areas have been inspected for asbestos and appropriate actions will be undertaken in accordance with state law.
    • If abatement or a remedial action occurs, the owner must certify that the area(s) will not be re-occupied until all activity has been completed and final air quality clearances have been measured and found to be within the tolerances specified by the building code.
  • If the building has been inspected and is free of asbestos, an asbestos inspection certification form can be filed with the original application for an Annual Permit.
  • Pay the required fees to have the permit issued. The annual permit will expire one (1) year from the date of permit issuance, at which point re-issuance fees will need to be paid in order to renew the annual permit for another calendar year.

For more information on permitting and individual permit applications, please visit theConstruction Services - Documents and Forms.