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City of Seminole Permits

To view license requirements, definition, exams, books, and classes, please visit Pinellas County.


For more information about the permitting fees, please visit the City of Seminole Permits Fees

The City of Seminole is accepting online permit applications please visit The City of Seminole permit portal.

  • Residential - Re-Roof
  • Mechanical (Residential) - HVAC Changeout
  • Residential - Window Replacement
  • Residential - Door
  • Electrical (Non-Residential) - Service Upgrade/Change
  • Electrical (Residential) - Service Upgrade/Change
  • Mechanical (Non-Residential) - HVAC Changeout
  • Non-Residential - Re-Roof
  • Non-Residential - Window Replacement
  • Plumbing (Residential) - Water Heater Replacement