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Permits for City of Port St. Joe

The following is a list of Bulding Permit Application Checklist for individual trades in the city of Port St. Joe.

Permit Checklist

Most permits require the following forms:

  • Homeowner Hold Harmless Agreement
  • Homeowners Disclosure Statement CH.489.10FS
  • Driveway/Ditch Permit Application If Required
  • Site Plan
  • 2 Complete Sets Of Plans Including:
    • Site Plan
    • Foundation Plan
    • Floor Plan
    • Elevation
    • Wall Section Foundation Through The Roof
    • All Drawn to Scale
  • Complete Building Permit Application
  • Energy Forms
  • Notice of Commencement
  • Flood Elevation Certificate
  • All Applicable Fee Paid and Building Permit Fee.

Permit Requirements

Permits cannot be issued unless all items have been submitted.

  • Register with us as a contractor.
  • Two (2) sets of signed plans, drawn to scale, including site plans, structural, electrical, plumbing, and mechanical. All areas on the plans must be labeled as to the use of that area.
  • A Plot Plan Survey showing elevations of finshed floor and asjacent roads.
  • Notive of Commencement
  • Energy Forms
  • Completed Permit Application
  • A Department of Enviromantal Protection and or Corp. of Engineers Approval if required.
  • Approval set of plans must be on site with permit placard at all times.