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Contractor Registration

The City of Groveland will require to submit an application for Registration to Lake County.


    • Permit application filled out and notarized 
    • Site plan (See Site Plan Requirements)
    • Impervious Calculations (Must Be On Site Plan By Surveyor)
    • Electrionic Documents Requirements
    • Construction Plans Digitally Signed By architect/Emgineer (See Residential Check List)
    • Product Approval Form 
    • HVAC Docs
    • Energy Calculations
    • Energy Performance Level (EPL) Display Card Signed By Builder
    • Florida Energy Efficiency Code For Building Construction Form R05-2017 Signed By Owner or Owner's Agent
    • Truss Engineering
    • Truss Layout
    • Property Record Card Showing Proof of Ownership, or If a Rescent Purchase, A Copy of the Warranty Deed