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City of Edgewater Permits

To view license requirements, definition, exams, books, and classes, please visit Volusia County.


The following items are among those required by the Edgewater City Code and Florida Building Code. Therefore, they must be included and filled out for the application package to be considered complete.


  • Job Site
  • Contractor Information
  • Building Permit Type
  • Construction Type
  • Project Information
  • Subcontractors
  • Sign Information
  • Demolition Information


  • Renewal
  • Extension
  • Address
  • Permit Holder
  • Phone Number
  • Email
  • License

Fire Protection

  • Job Site
  • Applicant/Qualifier
  • Property Owner Informtion
  • Description of Structure
  • Description of Work

Substantial improvement

  • Property Information
  • Contractor Information
  • Documents to be submitted with Application

Gas Pipe

  • If a tank is involved Copy of survey or plot plan showing location of tank
  • Demonstrate compliance with NFPA 58 for location based on the tank type used
  • Engineered design for anchorage requirements if located in a flood zone and installed below the required design flood elevation
  • Type of system. Natural or Propane
  • BTU’s of each appliance
  • Total BTU’s on the system
  • Total developed length of system
  • Length and size of all sections/drops
  • Type of piping material(s) being used
  • Design pressure of system
  • Pressure drop used in design of system

Mobile/Manufractured Home Setup

  • Completed building permit application by Florida licensed installer
  • 1 copy of survey/plot plan showing all setbacks
  • 1 copy of model floor plan
  • Completed mobile/manufactured home information sheet
  • 1 copy of foundation/tie down plan
  • 1 copy of manufacturer’s installation manual with all pertinent information marked
  • Storm water application if applicable
  • Additions to mobile home require separate permit application from the licensed contractor

Notice of Commencement

  • Description of Property
  • General Description of Improvement
  • Owner Infomration or Lesse Inofmration
  • Contractors Name
  • Surety
  • Lender

Permit Authorization

  • Permit Type
  • Jobsite Description

Plot Plan

  • Show the locations of all existing and proposed structure
  • Tree removal applications show the location of the proposed trees to be removed
  • Show the location of the proposed work with diminsioning and distances property lines

Political Sign

  • One permit will cover all signs placed within the City of Edgewater for the specific candidate or issue in connection with any national, state or local election
  • All signs shall be removed within 10 days after the conclusion of any election or campaign
  • No political sign shall be erected or placed in any public right-of-way, on any public property, attached to any utility pole,traffic sign, or attached to any tree
  • Signs located on private property shall have the written authorization of the property owner
  • Signs placed on private property shall be securely erected to prevent displacement by heavy winds and so placed as to not interfere with traffic visibility
  • Illegally placed signs shall be removed within twenty-four (24) hours after notification to the applicant. The City shall retain any removed signs for five (5) working days after notification before their destruction. An applicant may retrieve the signs during this period
  • Sign area shall not exceed eight (8) square feet
  • No bonds are required


  • The pool will be equipped with an approved safety pool cover
  • The Pool will be isolated from access by a mesh safety barrier
  • The Pool will be isolated from access by a screen enclosure
  • The pool will be isolated from access by a fence and Pedestrian Gates
  • All doors and windows providing direct access from the dwelling to the pool will be equipped with an exit alarm
  • All doors providing direct access from the dwelling to the pool will be equipped with self-closing, self-latching devices installed 54” above the threshold that meet the requirements