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City of Eatonville Permits

To view license requirements, definition, exams, books, and classes, please visit Orange County.


The City of Eatonville uses a Permit Application for permitting; for more information, please visit the Permit Application.

Types of Building Permits

The City of Eatonville has multiple permits for different trades; for a list of them, please review the following.

  • Mechanical Permits
  • Plumbing Permits
  • Electrical Permits
  • Fire/ Gas/ Fire Alarm/ Fire Sprinkler Permit

Building Permit Procedures

  • Applicant(s) submit application(s) with (3) sets of plans and all supporting documents/correspondence.
  • Contractor(s) will submit State License, Workers Compensation Insurance, or Exemption Certificate, General Liability, Local Business Tax Receipt when permit is dropped off to the Town of Eatonville Building Dept.
  • Construction plans must be signed and sealed by a Licensed State of Florida Architect or Engineer.
  • Application(s) must be signed by the Licensed Contractor or a notarized Power of Attorney will be required (Agent, Representative, Permit Runner).
  • Permit application(s) are logged into the computer for a permit number.
  • Permit application(s) and plans will be distributed accordingly to the other departments when needed as per scope of work.
  • Building official will review all plans before any permit may be issued.
  • Building official will submit comments of approval or denial as well as the other departments.
  • Depending on the scope of work will determine the timeframe a permit will be required for review.
  • If the project is denied by the Building official, the applicant(s) will receive a letter of denial explaining the reason for denial.
  • If any other department denies the project, their comment(s) will also be on file and explained to the applicant(s).
  • When permit is approved a hard card and permit will be issued accordingly
  • Applicant(s) will be called by the permit coordinator when a permit is ready for pick up.
  • Cash or Check is the form of payment for the pick up of any permit

Permit Application Checklist

  • Copy of Contractor’s License: Certified or Registered
  • Copy of General Liability Insurance
  • Copy of Workman’s Compensation Insurance Coverage or State Exemption Certificate
  • Local Business Tax Receipt
  • Four (4) sets of Plans signed and sealed by a licensed Architect or Engineer in the state of Florida for Commercial, Industrial, new Residential
  • Three (3) sets of plans signed and sealed by a licensed Architect or Engineer in the state of Florida for Residential
  • Three (3) copies of a Survey or approved Site Plan
  • Proof of valuation (copy of contract or notarized statement)
  • Complete and signed Building Application
  • Three (3) sets of Energy Calculations for all new construction, alteration, or additions (when applicable)
  • Notice of Commencement (N.O.C) over $2500.00, HVAC $7000.00
  • Letter of permission from Owner for commencement of work
  • Owner Builder Statement for work by owner
  • Three (3) sets of the Truss packet (Roof)
  • Roof material Product Approval
  • Mechanical (HVAV) Manual J, Certificate on Duct, calculations and size