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Books & Classes for your Contractor's License

Is there a Study Guide to prepare for the exam?

Apart of the requirements to obtain a license in the State of Florida are the books. Each license will require different references depending on the scope of work you are able to perform. So using a study guide would not help or cover the materials in which will be questioned on the exam. If you are an individual needing help to study for the exam, considered taking a course or class to help you prepare. Classes to help you prepare are very popular, though most individuals find it necessary. The number of books you are required to obtain and depending on the license everything can be very overwhelming.

Prep Classes

At Contractor Campus you are able to take our courses online and in-person. Our in-person classes are review classes which are offered in Tampa, Miami, Jacksonville, Orlando, Fort Myers, and Fort Lauderdale. These refresher classes cover Business, Accounting, Trade math, and show you how to find information within the books. These in-person classes are accessed through the purchase of at least one online course. Same day you register you will be able to begin studying. Our team have created these courses to be at a students pace. Our student's will have unlimited access to the study materials provided in these courses. The courses consists of Lecture videos, Layout studies, and Practice exams. Below you will see a few examples of different licenses we offer courses for.

For more information on the Contractor Guides please visit this link 2022 Florida Contractor Licensing Guide

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