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Licensing Process

This information can be found in the Arizona Registrar of Contractors Licensing Information page.

  • Identify a Qualifying Party
  • Minimum Examination and Experience Requirements for a Qualifying Party
  • Pass Examination

    The Qualifying Party must pass the required examinations by at least 70% and submit the exam results. The Qualifying Party must complete the AZ SRE Statutes and Rules Exam. The Qualifying Party must also complete a specific trade exam.

  • Submit to Background Checks

    The Applicant and Qualifying Party must submit copies of the payment transaction receipt from their background checks. Click here to learn more and to submit a background check.

  • Form a Legal Entity

    LLC's and corporations are required to register with the Arizona Corporation Commission. Partnerships are required to register with the Arizona Secretary of State.

  • The applicant must obtain and submit proof of a license bond.

    For information on determining bonding requirements and to download a comprehensive list of all businesses licensed to offer surety products in this State by the Arizona Department of Insurance, visit our bond information page.

  • Pay the Fees

    Include the required fees and assessments with your License Application form.

  • Provide Government Issued Identification

    Both the Applicant and the Qualifying Party in this License Application must submit a copy of their government-issued identification with the application. Acceptable forms of identification(link is external) include a valid driver’s license or passport.

  • Complete and Submit an application