Can I get a License if I have a Felony?

An individual is still able to obtain a Contractor license, even having a felony on their record. All license applications for either the State or Counties would require a background check. In the application, you are required to answer all criminal background questions provided. The State Licensing Board will review the documentation and application you presented. When the State is in the reviewing process, they will look for charges related to the construction industry. Besides the Background Check, you need also would need to do Fingerprints. To view the list of Fingerprint companies, please visit: Florida Contractor Fingerprint Companies.

Background Question

Above you will see the background question. If you answer yes then you must explain and provide the required documentation.

If you answered yes, then you must explain and provide the required documentation. When answering this question, you are required to go into full details of any and all criminal charges, which include dates, outcomes, sentences, and/or conditions imposed. The individual would provide the jurisdiction of the court in which the proceedings were held.

Explanation for Background Question

When answering the Background Question you are required to provide full details of the criminal charges. This means including dates, outcomes, sentences and/or conditions imposed. You are also required to provide the dates, name and location of the court and/or jurisdiction where the proceedings were held or pending.

Answering the Background Question

Above is where you will responsed to the question with all its needed documentation. Attach additional copies as necessary.

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