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General Contractor Board

Contact Information

Alabama Licensing Board for General Contractors
2525 Fairlane Drive, Montgomery, AL 36116
Telephone: 334-272-5030

How to Apply and Applications

You must first submit an application to the board where they will decide what classification pertains to your work and then you will be told the exams to take. The link to this information can be found here.

The Prime Contractor Application can be found here. Any Contractor performing work totaling in less than 50,000.00 dollars may submit a Subcontractor application. All applications have to be on file 30 days prior to a Board meeting which are held quarterly. All prime contractors must take a Business and Law Exam administered by PSI©


They have reciprocity with Mississippi, Tennessee, Arkansas and Louisiana. You have to be licensed for 3 years consecutively with the same classification you are wanting in Alabama and submit an Out of State License Verification Form. Send that to the Board with a current copy of your license in that state. Please only send the states listed.

PSI© testing

Any application received January 22, 2008 forward will be required to take a Trade exam as well as the Business and Law.

Candidate Information Bulletin.

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More information can be found here in the Frequently Asked Questions.